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17/05/2017 News

A Unique MoU to Improve Quality Health Services along PRL15

An MoU signed on 18 May 2017, between Gulf Provincial Administration, National Volunteer Services (NVS), Total E&P PNG Limited (TEP PNG) and host community representatives of Wabo and Poroi villages near PRL-15 activated a unique Public Private Partnership to deliver primary health care through the placement of Volunteers in the two communities.

In line with the Agreement, Department for Community Development Secretary Ms. Solomon reiterated on the rebranding of NVS in aligning itself with major companies in this ‘Joint Partnership Programme’. She extended a word of appreciation to TEP PNG for being the first major company to establish a partnership with NVS, opening doors for other companies to participate.

Total’s participation led to the placement of a female health volunteer at Wabo in August this year and at Poroi recently. Since then women from the surrounding villages have also visited the aid post for their health needs, including maternal health.  In the month of August alone 6 babies were delivered at the Wabo aid post by the volunteer. Previously, Pawaian women delivered babies in bush huts away from the villages and sometimes lost their lives due to lack of care.

‘Our approach is to collaborate with relevant stakeholders  to support  the delivery of basic services and the partnership where NVS provides specific expertise is the right way to go’, Mr. Philippe Blanchard, Total E&P PNG Managing Director, said when signing the Agreement.