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16/07/2017 News

Developing young PNG talent through the MPA Program

The MPA (Master Partnership Agreement) between the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and TEP PNG marks an important milestone, with PNG’s premier learning institution offering specific educational opportunities and experiences for its students. Acting Vice Chancellor Mr Vincent Malaibe said at the signing ceremony that UPNG is open to opportunities to expose students to private sector expertise and to ensure course offerings are up to date, modern and relevant to PNG’s growth and development.

TEP PNG wishes to play in the near future a more important economic role in Papua New Guinea while participating in the development of young talents in PNG. Therefore, it is timely that it is establishing a relationship with the university and investing in PNG’s human capital. ‘As an international company, it takes pride in its corporate social responsibility, with education as a key topic’, said Philippe Blanchard, TEP PNG's Managing Director.

Total has established relationships with many universities across the globe and the MPA with UPNG characterizes its increasing involvement in PNG.

TEP PNG will offer a Professorship program and some internship opportunities. There may also be other moments where both the university and its students can engage with TEP PNG, benefiting fully from the company’s expertise. This MPA is unique, as it is comprehensive, with all five schools of the university potentially benefiting.